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Senior manager, editorial content lead


“Sheena is by far one of my favorite writers I’ve had the pleasure of working with. We’ve hired her as a freelance blog writer at Greenhouse and her work has been nothing short of exceptional.

Her ability to understand our company’s unique voice, brand guidelines and goals has enabled her to develop impactful content that helps us achieve our business objectives.

Making HR Tech content engaging can sometimes be a challenge, but Sheena achieves this with ease. She’s an incredible storyteller—her writing style is always fresh, informative and human and her keen attention to detail ensures that our content is accurate and well-researched.

Her collaborative style paired with her inquisitive nature makes her the perfect partner for bringing a brand’s vision to life. I would highly recommend her to any business looking for a skilled and reliable writer.”

Marketing campaigns manager


“I had the pleasure of working with Sheena on several copywriting projects, and she truly exceeded my expectations. Her writing skills are unparalleled, and her dedication to understanding our company’s unique tone of voice sets her apart.

She goes above and beyond by delving deep into our brand, asking insightful questions to ensure our messaging is spot-on. Sheena is a true partner. Even when faced with a challenging project that required a sudden shift in messaging, Sheena adapted seamlessly and was willing to intricately work with the team to nail the project.

I highly recommend Sheena for any copywriting needs, as she is a true professional who consistently delivers outstanding results.”

Marketing manager


“Sheena helped build out and execute our content calendar and create collateral to empower our sales team. She revamped our sales materials and landing pages, far exceeding our expectations.

Sheena managed our blog schedule, created over 13 sales brochures by vertical and dozens of product one-pagers, and made our gas phase filtration content engaging and easy to understand.”

Senior content marketing manager


“I partnered with Sheena to help us fulfill our ebook, blog, case study, and whitepaper content pipeline. Sheena is a hard worker and quick learner who picked up our voice, tone, and style guide swiftly.

In the year we’ve worked together, I’ve enjoyed collaborating with her on high-impact, thought leadership pieces. A testament to the quality of her work, Sheena recently wrote our Ultimate Guide to Diversity and Inclusion, which ended up being our best-performing asset last quarter.”



“Multidimensional is a coveted skill for a writer. It’s both wide; the ability to convey thoughts clearly and concisely for many industries and deep; the skill to craft content for a variety of mediums. Sheena is a multidimensional writer, proving to me again and again that she can handle diverse industries such as tech, workforce solutions, and corporate travel.

I am confident if you have a complex set of thoughts, Sheena can distill them into a clear and concise story for your audience. Sheena is an efficient researcher, fast study, passionate writer, and eager to learn. You’ll enjoy partnering with her.”

Chief marketing officer

eight arrows

 “Sheena works tirelessly to ensure customer success at all costs. She has perfect skills to predict consumer appetite… and that helped us a lot in our content strategy at Eight Arrows.

Sheena is also very knowledgeable and resourceful when it comes to engaging in new industries and verticals.”


tip jones global

 “My bio was aged and stale. I needed a total refresh that reflected my authentic voice but hadn’t been successful finding someone who could fully capture it… well, until I met Sheena while in Egypt.

I learned of her talent, business and gift for writing and she learned about me. Her process was clear and kind (because that matters). She derived info from our interactions, online details and sincerely asking what I wanted to convey.

She gets me! Thanks to her attentiveness, true professionalism and client-centered approach, my bio is officially refined and revitalized.”


harvest chocolate

“Sheena quickly put what we wanted to say into words to begin telling our story and we were able to focus on running the business.”

Founder & CEO

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“Sheena was absolutely wonderful to work with! I had interviewed multiple content writers and Sheena immediately stuck out to me. She was knowledgeable and passionate about my business.

She created an online voice for my company that was engaging for my customers and gave my brand its own personality through words. On top of the great quality work she provided, she worked incredibly fast! If I needed any changes or revisions, she had them to me quickly.

I don’t know how I would’ve been able to launch my company’s website without her. I would hire her again in a heartbeat and recommend her to everyone I know who needs content writing.”

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