let’s tell an incredible story together


let’s work together

Whether you’re looking for someone as passionate about your brand as you are to tell your story, write captivating blog posts, create compelling landing page copy, or a quirky introvert to grab coffee with, we’re here to help. So whatcha say? Ready to work together?

We write the words that help you engage and sell so you can spend your time running your business, planning strategy, or anything in between.

We’re not your everyday writers, churning out copy like a factory, moving from one client to the next with acceptable—but certainly not stellar—copy.

Instead, we take time to get to know you and your brand so we can craft content that excites your soon-to-be customers and sells your products and services.

No one knows your brand, product, or service as well as you, we provide copy revisions to ensure you’re happy with the content and that it aligns with your brand.

We give you everything other writers offer, but the difference is that we write because it is our passion.

Sheena is invested in her writing and creating content that converts to drive your business forward. Her high standards benefit you—no sub-par copy here.

She’s here to save you time and sell your brand, products, and services by writing compelling copy that is achieved only through passion.

you’re not looking for mediocre budget copy

You need copy that converts, and that’s why you’re here. So, what do you get when we work together?

let’s get aligned

Let’s get together to explore your goals and understand project requirements. We’ll book an hour one-on-one session to dive into your goals and what you’re looking for and get to know you and your brand.

dig into discovery

After we get together, we’ll review your current emails, blogs, or website, make suggestions, and scope your project. Auditing your content will help us understand where you are and where you want to be.

deliver the goods

You don’t want to wait months to sell your products or services or for content to engage your customers. We deliver our first draft of website copy, blogs, or emails to sell your brand within seven business days.

make it a success

We want to make sure that what we have delivered exceeds expectations and that you’re fully satisfied with the copy. Once we receive feedback, we’re happy to provide two rounds of revisions, so you’re confident that the copy will deliver.

all things writing

all things blogs

blog writing

Need a blog post? We love a good blog but know it takes time to ideate, research, and write the perfect blog post. Let us do the hard work while you sit back and relax.

all things websites

websites and landing pages

Don’t half-ass your website or landing pages with sub-par copy. Lackluster writing just won’t do for the pages that sell your goods, services, or even your brand.

all things writing

other writing services

Want compelling emails? A thorough case study? Or maybe something entirely different. We love off-the-wall projects. Tell us what you want, and we’ll make it happen!


let’s talk money

Excited to work together but anxious about pricing? We get it. You want to know what you’re getting, how much it’ll cost, and how fast we can deliver. While there are many factors impacting pricing—scope, research, length, quantity—we try to keep it simple here at wanderluster co.

  1. Monthly retainers start at $2,000/mo.
  2. Hourly rates start at $100/hr.
  3. Flat fees—we have a one-off project minimum of $1,000

from ideas to words to stories

We’re on a mission to tell beautifully worded stories, bring brands to life through evocative copy, and craft compelling content for our clients.

At wanderluster co., we’re here to empower brands, businesses, and everyday writers to become exceptional wordsmiths and spark a curiosity for the power of the written word.

“a woman who writes has power, and a woman with power is feared.” – Gloria Anzaldúa

client love

“our best-performing asset last quarter”

“I partnered with Sheena to help us fulfill our ebook, blog, case study, and whitepaper content pipeline. Sheena is a hard worker and quick learner who picked up our voice, tone, and style guide swiftly. In the year we’ve worked together, I’ve enjoyed collaborating with her on high-impact, thought leadership pieces. A testament to the quality of her work, Sheena recently wrote our Ultimate Guide to Diversity and Inclusion, which ended up being our best-performing asset last quarter.”

– Basil

“made our content engaging and easy to understand”

“Sheena helped build out and execute our content calendar and create collateral to empower our sales team. She revamped our sales materials and landing pages, far exceeding our expectations. Sheena managed our blog schedule, created over 13 sales brochures by vertical and dozens of product one-pagers, and made our gas phase filtration content engaging and easy to understand.”

– Alex