Every reason I love selling my ebook on Flodesk Checkout

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TL;DR: Selling online doesn’t have to suck. Check out how I built a beautiful checkout experience for my customers using Flodesk Checkout.

In mid-2022, I had had enough of my email marketing provider. The emails were hideous despite hours and hours of editing every single email. I couldn’t automate my email sends the way I wanted. And they had marketed it as an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop builder, but nothing about it was easy. It was frustrating—infuriating, even. But none of that was even the worst part. 

It was how embarrassed I felt. 

The emails didn’t match my brand. And as an aesthetics-obsessed lady, I cringed every time an email went out that didn’t align with my brand and looked hideous. We all know the “progress over perfection” saying, but I was so unhappy that I stopped emailing my list completely and started looking for new providers altogether.

And if you’ve seen Flodesk’s website, you know why my search stopped there. It’s next-level beautiful. That is what I was looking for with my emails. And that’s why we’re here—I never looked back after signing up for Flodesk.

But I’m all about transparency, so let’s get real. I was so impressed by Flodesk’s mission that I applied for a job there and currently work as the content marketing manager. Before you roll your eyes and assume I’m only promoting Flodesk’s new product because I work there, hear me out.

I don’t promote products or services. Ever. Except for Good American jeans because, yes, they’re that good. So when I tell you why you need Flodesk Checkout, it’s not for any reason other than I am utterly obsessed with it. I want everyone to have it.

Not because I work at Flodesk, but because I’m a small business owner who uses it to deliver my ebook (and automate on-brand, simply stunning emails with Flodesk Email).

Alright, now that we’ve gotten the awkward stuff out of the way and you trust that I’m only writing this post out of sheer excitement and desire to help other small business owners sell digital products online, let’s go!

My digital product deserves a good home, and Flodesk Checkout fits the bill

11 simple ways to become a better writer ebook cover

Unless you flip houses or plan to knock down a decrepit house, you probably don’t get overly excited when you pass a home in shambles. There’s nothing intriguing or inviting about that house. 

But when you—and by you, I mean me—drive by a funky, multi-story shipping container home, you’re curious about it. You want to know what’s on the inside. And that’s why where you home your digital product matters.

Flodesk has always been known for its gorgeous email templates, but the Flodesk Checkout templates are next-level. I get to add my logo, use my brand colors, choose from a dozen beautiful fonts (and upload my own!), and completely customize every part of the page. It’s the curious exterior that showcases my ebook in its absolute best light.

Because I spent months designing, writing, editing, scrapping, and completely rewriting and redesigning my ebook, I was not willing to home it in an unbranded, ugly marketplace. 

I mean, really, look how gorgeous my checkout is!

I keep my money

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t create my ebook to kill time. After dozens of people asked me how to be a better writer, I finally decided that a quick ebook with simple tips would be a valuable tool to add to their professional toolbelt. 

And I won’t pretend that I didn’t want to boost my passive income so I could spend more time enjoying the fruits of my labor. So when I signed up for Amazon KDP and saw that they wanted to take a hefty percentage of my low-priced ebook, I wasn’t thrilled.

But Flodesk launched Flodesk Checkout shortly after. Flodesk barely takes a cut. Every time someone buys my ebook, three percent plus $0.30 goes to the Stripe processing fee. That’s it. I work hard for my money, and there’s no way I’d pass up a checkout experience that lets me keep my hard-earned money.

My checkout page plays nice with others

I have a website, an email list, and a few social media channels—all of which I use to promote my ebook. And what better way to get my ebook in your hands than by linking directly to my sales page? 

I can link the CTA buttons on my website straight to my sales page, which creates a consistent, branded, and beautiful experience. Look at my sidebar…the link to my checkout is right there!

I built my sales, checkout, and delivery pages to mimic my website, so I love that it feels like just another page on my site. I do the same thing with my emails.

It’s all about the experience for me and creating something truly seamless. I can’t get enough of the look and the fact that people often can’t tell that it’s not my website. 

It helps me automate everything

I won’t sit here and act like I’m any busier than anyone else. We’re all busy, so the more I can automate, the better. It frees up my time to blog, do client work, and do what I love at Flodesk.

I use both Flodesk Email and Flodesk Checkout, so any time a customer buys my ebook, my workflow automatically sends a stunning thank you email with their copy of my 11 Simple Ways to Become a Better Writer ebook. And if they opted-in to my email list at checkout, they’ll also get a welcome email. Automatically

But one of my favorite parts is that once you buy my ebook, Flodesk lets me automatically add you to whichever segment I chose when I set up my page. So, if you’ve bought my ebook and opted-in to my list, my workflow added you to a different workflow than subscribers who join from other channels. This helps me better tailor content. 

Do you want to receive promo emails after you bought the book? I didn’t think so.

A personalized, welcoming experience delivered through automation. Could I ask for anything better? Honestly? No.

I’m just getting started

I launched my ebook a few weeks before Flodesk Checkout launched, so I don’t have any upsells, bonus offers, or courses in the works… yet. But when I do, I will create even more checkouts and take advantage of all the Flodesk Checkout features.

This post is about how I use Flodesk Checkout. I don’t use all the powerful features I could. I kept mine basic because it works for me. But there’s so much you can do with Flodesk.

If you want to know the ins and outs of Flodesk Checkout, read The ultimate guide to Flodesk Checkout or visit the Flodesk website. 

You can thank me later for putting you on the best way to sell digital products online by buying my ebook. Or by commenting below about how much you love it. 

And I know you want 50% off, so here’s my gift to you: https://flodesk.com/c/WANDERLUSTERCO

Happy selling!

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