3 Ways to enjoy a cold and snowy winter indoors

hot cocas and white mugs

TL;DR: Want to have fun in the winter without freezing your ass off? From hot chocolate and puzzles to charcuterie boards, I’ve got you!

Dressed in head-to-toe fuzzy fabrics, wrapped in the softest winter blanket, and snuggled comfortably on my couch, I sit here in awe. I’m staring out my frost-covered window, watching the millions of delicate snowflakes swirling into a white wind before gently falling to the ground. A blanket of what I can only describe as cloudy white diamonds covers the trees. It’s truly a sight to behold.

The only thing missing from my spectacular view is a roaring fire and a piping hot cup of cocoa. But even as I sit here soaking in the beauty of winter, I can’t help but focus on how frigid it is.

I’m dressed in warm clothes and have wrapped myself in a cozy blanket. The heat is blasting. Yet here I am, freezing and annoyed that I can’t admire this beauty outdoors. It’s just too damn cold.

But instead of being bitter, I’ve allowed my mind to wander and to think about all the fun ways I can indulge in my love of snowy scenery without freezing my ass off. Here’s what I’ve come up with: bring everything I love about winter indoors—the cold can stay outside, where it belongs.

1. Fill your home with the aroma of winter

coffee and cinnamon rolls

I don’t know about you, but in my mind, freshly fried cinnamon sugar doughnuts and hot cider are the most winter scents of all. The aroma wafts out of the kitchen, filling every corner of your home with warmth and joy.

As you break apart the doughnuts, the steam warms your face, and the subtle scent of cinnamon fills your nostrils with nostalgia. Time seems to stop as you indulge in bite after bite, pausing only to take a swig of the cider you warmed on the stovetop.

You’re in a euphoric state of bliss, and suddenly, the chill waiting just outside your door seems slightly less cold and much more inviting. Images from Norman Rockwell’s Christmas cover pop into your head as you settle into your favorite chair to enjoy this winter day.

I’ve painted the picture for you, but now it’s time to make it happen. Pinterest, the Food Network, and even Google have hundreds of recipes, so there’s no excuse to suffer through the blizzard-like winters of the northeast anymore.

Tip: Stream a fireplace video, crackling noises and all, on your tv for an extra cozy experience.

2. Transform winter staples into bite-sized snacks

Transform winter staples into bite-sized snacks

It’s a warm 70 degrees as the sun sets, and you pull up to a fancy summer soiree at your boss’s mansion. Everyone is sipping down glasses of expensive wine while snacking on hors d’oeuvres.

You make your way to the buffet and see tables lined with charcuterie boards, silently wishing you had the patience and finesse to make your own.

Winter is the perfect opportunity to recreate that party. You won’t enjoy drinks and hors d’oeuvres on the patio, but you can match the atmosphere for a winter setting. All you need are some creative friends, a warm home, and winter’s version of a charcuterie board.

When I come home, soaking wet from melted snow, all I want is something warm. Sometimes that’s tea or hot chocolate, but other times it is fondue or soup. Why not bring the best of winter snacks together for a charcuterie board party?

Invite your friends over (again, so you don’t have to brave the cold) for a small get-together. Ask them to make a charcuterie board of their favorite winter snack. Be sure there are no overlaps.

I would make a big pot of hearty tomato soup and fill the rest of the charcuterie board with croutons, mini grilled cheese sandwiches, and piles of shredded artisanal cheeses. Knowing my friends, they’d bring a s’mores board full of chocolate varieties, sauces to drizzle, and small candies.

But don’t forget the drinks! It’s damn near impossible to mess up hot chocolate, so a board full of marshmallows, peppermints, whipped cream, and more would be perfect.

Instead of freezing outside by a fire that could never be warm enough to make you comfortable, use the microwave or a flame from your gas stove or lighter to roast your marshmallows. Then, dig into your board.

Tip: Check out Pinterest for board inspirations and to see how you can transform a basic board into a showstopper.

3. Make time for YOU

I wake up leisurely, rolling around in bed, stealing all the covers from my partner to get a few more minutes of cozy warmth before finally deciding I need to get out of bed. As I stretch and quickly layer on clothes, I take a moment to look out the window.

Icicles hang from the roof and bent tree branches, which reflect the sheer whiteness that covers every inch of the ground. The snow is breathtaking.

After admiring the scenery for a few minutes, I find something warm to eat or drink and settle onto the couch. It’s too cold to leave the comfort of my home, so I decide to take a day for myself.

Sometimes I will get lost in the pages of a riveting true crime novel, but more often than not, my me days involve thousand-piece puzzles strewn out across the floor or table. I set up near a window to enjoy the best of winter with none of the shivering or cold.

Hunched over hundreds of random pieces, I slowly sort through them by color, only breaking to look out at the shimmering snowflakes falling from above or to sip on my hot chocolate or tea. Hours pass by, and slowly, very slowly, a picture forms. And before I know it, the day’s over, and I had the most incredible winter day.

I love puzzles, especially on chilly winter days, but if you’re not a puzzle person, there are many other ways to enjoy a day for yourself!

Gather friends together to play board games or lose yourself in your favorite book series. Love movies? Cue up LOTR or a day-long Marvel movie marathon. The best part is that no matter what you do, as long as there’s a window nearby, you can relish the beauty of winter… indoors.

But if you want the best day ever at home, combine everything. Start your morning with fresh warm doughnuts and hot cider. Then, do something you love, like puzzles or reading. End your night with friends, enjoying incredible food and drinks from the charcuterie boards everyone creatively put together. And there you have it, the ultimate indoor experience for winter.

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