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Exceptionally crafted expert content for B2B tech and SaaS brands


Generic, AI-generated copy with no point of view just doesn’t cut it. You need research-backed content that emphasizes your unique expertise and builds brand awareness, trust, and authority.

Oh, and a memorable brand voice that speaks directly to your audience.

Hey, I’m Sheena—the B2B tech and SaaS writer you’ve been looking for.


What do the top brands have in common?

They trusted me to create expert content that helped establish them as the authority in their space without being stuffy or boring. You can, too.

Big, small, solopreneur. Billion-dollar company, Series A funded, recently hit their first $10k month. Tech, SaaS, software development company… 

I’ve worked with some of the world’s most innovative, fun, and creative brands, helping them create authority-defining thought leadership content and high-ranking SEO blogs.

Sheena is by far one of my favorite writers. We’ve hired her as a freelance blog writer at Greenhouse and her work has been nothing short of exceptional. 

Her ability to understand our company’s unique voice, brand guidelines and goals has enabled her to develop impactful content that helps us achieve our business objectives

Her collaborative style paired with her inquisitive nature makes her the perfect partner for bringing a brand’s vision to life.”

Micah G.

Senior Manager, Editorial Content Lead, Greenhouse

Crafting quality the first time

Finally! A B2B tech and SaaS writer who gets it…


Are you a busy marketing leader who’s tired of:

✖️Cramming content creation into your schedule

✖️Reviewing copy from your team

✖️And so done enduring copywriters who don’t deliver 

What if you could ditch going through another round of edits and spend time doing, well… anything else?

Like finally looking at that report your boss sent months ago. Or adventuring with your fur baby—no judgment here.

What worked before just isn’t working anymore, and I know why… 

👉 You’re building the content strategy, analyzing data, optimizing campaigns—it all demands your attention. You can’t steal attention from priorities to be a content writer, too. 

👉 Your team is stellar, but you’re already stretched thin. Reviewing dozens of content assets from them every week just won’t happen.

👉 And hiring another sub-par writer who doesn’t deliver the authority-building content you so desperately need…

ipad on couch

But what if you could ditch going through another round of edits and spend time doing, well… anything else?

Like finally looking at that report your boss sent months ago. Or adventuring with your fur baby—no judgment here.

You can.

How? By having me on your team. I help busy B2B tech and SaaS marketers create powerful content… the first time.

  • Blogs
  • Thought leadership
  • Ebooks
  • Guides
  • Website copy

Content marketers and brand directors trust me to execute high-quality short and long-form copy that increases brand awareness and trust… so you can help your company get more sales and grow.

laptop on the floor with a book

Blogs, ebooks, and everything long-form

Long-form content helps power your marketing funnel. But it takes time to ideate, research, and write the perfect piece of content. Let me do the hard work while you continue growing the business. 

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Landing pages and full websites

Don’t half-ass your website or landing pages with sub-par copy. Lackluster writing won’t do for the pages that sell your goods, services, or even your brand.

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Ads, emails, and everything short-form

Short-form copy has to pack a punch—and fast. I write scroll-stopping short-form content that grabs attention and keeps it. Need an ad, email sequence, or boilerplate? You’re in good hands.


“I partnered with Sheena to help us fulfill our ebook, blog, case study, and whitepaper content pipeline. Sheena picked up our voice, tone, and style guide swiftly. 

In the year we’ve worked together, I’ve enjoyed collaborating with her on high-impact, thought leadership pieces. A testament to the quality of her work, Sheena wrote our Ultimate Guide to Diversity and Inclusion, which ended up being our best-performing asset last quarter.”

Basil S.

Senior Content Marketing Manager, Handshake

wanderluster co. founder, sheena fronk

Work with me

Looking for someone as passionate about your brand as you are? Need to add some personality to your B2B brand?

I help capture attention with captivating blog posts. Keep them scrolling with compelling landing page copy. Hook readers with intriguing ads and emails.

So, if you need a sassy B2B tech and SaaS writer to breathe new life into your brand, build brand awareness, or establish your authority, let’s do this.